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PlanetNode offers a variety of high performance online services.
Hosting Enshrouded survival RPG, your Minecraft servers, cloud and personal website using modern technologies.
Server Hosting on Dutch soil, with modern tech and a quick network.

Fast hardware
Our servers are built with fast and high quality components to ensure your experience is as good as possible.
Instant delivery
All game hosting is delivered instantly, ensuring no precious time is lost.
Secure & stable
We monitor our network very closely to make sure there will be no unexpected downtime or security issues.

What we offer:

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Minecraft server hosting

Play survival with your friends or start a Bungeecord network, it's all possible with our Minecraft hosting.

Minecraft 1.21 server hosting just released last week!

Profit from hosting in the Netherlands.

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Virtual Private Server hosting

Want your own space on our network? No problem! Benefit from our super fast hardware while maintaining access to all the dials and buttons. Your VPS, your rules.

Take control with VPS hosting

Enshrouded hosting

Hosting without limits, all 16 slots no nonsense! Enshrouded is a survival RPG, with a focus on exploring the world and surviving the dangers it brings. It's a game you can play alone, but also with friends.

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Bare Metal: Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers empower your business, no sharing resources, no lagg because someone else is doing heavy computing. With our Bare Metal offering, you are the one in control.

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PlanetNode Review

Ik vind het een toffe host zeker, de prijzen zijn goedkoop en je krijgt er een server voor terug met goede kwaliteit, zeker een aanrader!

Nick scored PlanetNode 5 out of 5 stars

Hosting.. really in the cloud!

Hosting as it should, safe, secure and cool 😎

Present in Tier 3+ datacenters, with the highest efficiency (lowest PUE) in Europe by direct free air cooling and top tier security.

With more than 20 locations in the Netherlands and a resilient network built with the best vendors Arista, Juniper and VPP.

PlanetNode provides hosting for not only enterprise but also serious gamers needing the best possible connection to their infrastructure.

Datacenter in the Clouds

Reliable partner to scale with

PlanetNode offers cheap, scalable hosting solutions for professionals and pro-gamers. With our amazing points of presence spread over the Netherlands, we can ensure great connectivity and provide twin-datacenter services.

  • Global Connectivity
  • IPv6 Capable
  • European Cloud
  • Here to help!
  • Cost effective

Managed service

Need more performance than what we offer with webhosting, or are you just really looking to host your specific application but don't want to hire additional employees to manage these services for your business?

PlanetNode offers Managed VPS Hosting in collaboration with our partner Xyphen IT. This way you don't have to worry about keeping your server up-to-date with the latest security patches, making sure back-ups work and all the dizzledazzle.


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Ultimate Gaming VPS

Since the beginning, PlanetNode focused it's business on game servers. With this in mind, we've built our infrastructure as such to accomodate for the quickest, most efficient servers. Our datacenter is located in the Cellnex Telecomtowers in the Netherlands, at these locations temperatures are regulated to be low enough to maintain high clockspeeds upto 4.8Ghz without throttling CPU speeds. You don't want throttling when you're having fun, this is how we solved it.

With the introduction of Enshrouded, you may want all the power of a VPS but with the ease of use of a game server. We've got you covered, we can setup pterodactyl panel that allows you to manage your game server with ease and have more performance than on our shared platform.

Take control with VPS Hosting!

Dedicated Performance

When a VPS doesn't fit your needs and you need all of the CPU time or more memory, we've got you covered. We can offer the same hardware we use for our VPS, Game and MC nodes but that is not all, we can also offer completely customized dedicated servers in the Netherlands.

Connected to AS211588, the network of Xyphen IT providing low latency. Xyphen IT is connected with over 600 other networks to provide the best paths to the internet.

Boost your project with our dedicated servers!

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