Minecraft: Bungeecord

Link your Minecraft servers in a single network.
Starting your Minecraft Network was never this easy.

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What's bungeecord?

Your own proxy

Bungeecord allows you to link multiple servers in a single network. It's the same technique used by large networks like Hypixel.

  • Supports Bungeecord, Waterfall and Velocity proxy softwares
  • Easy to manage using the Pterodactyl panel
  • Fast servers with AMD Ryzen CPUs and NVMe SSD drives
  • Install plugins to extend the functionality

Frequently asked questions

Do you still have questions? Our customer service is available to help.

Yes, you can always cancel your Minecraft server in our clientarea. We never charge your card automatically, you are in control over the payments.

Ofcourse! You can choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-anually and anually.

As of this moment, we're running on AMD Ryzen 9 5900X's and Ryzen 9 5950's with DDR4 ECC RAM and full NVMe SSD storage.
Servers receive 15GB of storage by default. 1 & 2GB plans include a single CPU thread, 3GB and higher include 2.

Every Minecraft server node is equipped with top-of-the-line AMD Ryzen processors, DDR4 ECC memory and fast NVMe SSD drives configured in RAID 1.

Yes, our skilled customer support team will always do their best to help you. You can also get help from the community in our Discord.

Our Minecraft servers are currently located in Germany, we can also deliver custom servers from Amsterdam.

Ofcourse! When logged in to, navigate to your server. In the upper navigation bar you will see a tab called 'Subdomains', there you can create subdomains.

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